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When you create a condition based on a Choose One Answer question type, you must provide further information to describe the condition. The first thing you must select is the condition type, which has several possible values.

Respondent Answered Question

In order to show or hide the current question based on a respondent's prior answer, you will need to select the Respondent Answered Question condition. When you choose this type, another field labeled selected: will appear and you are prompted to Select an Answer. You must select one of the possibilities which include all of the answers defined for this question as well as the option [ Any Answer ], which will cause the condition to be true when the respondent chooses any of the potential answers for this question.

In the event that your selected answer has an optional text field input attached to it, or you have selected [ Any Answer ] and any of your answers have a text field attached, a checkbox will appear. This checkbox is labeled "respondent completed associated answer text field". If you check this, the condition will only be true if the respondent has answered the associated text input field and a prompt labeled entered: will appear. Here you can define any further restrictions on the text that a user enters into their response.

Respondent Entered Text into Additional Comment Field

If your multiple choice question has the option Add an input field for comments checked and presents an additional comment text field column to respondents, then you can also set a condition based on the response to this additional comment text field. By selecting this condition type, an additional field labeled entered: will appear. If you leave this blank, the condition will evaluate true if the user enters anything into the additional comment text field. Otherwise, you may use the entered: field to further restrict the responses that will cause the condition to evaluate to true.

Response Received Specific Score

If you have enabled scoring for the current survey, you can create a condition that depends on the respondent's score for a particular question. You can create this condition based on a minimum score, maximum score or both (which requires a score between the two values, inclusive). Check the restrictions you wish to set (at least to set a minimum score and at most to set a maximum score). If you choose to set them both, your value for maximum score must be greater than or equal to the minimum score. You then enter the score values and select whether you want the values to be considered points or percent. For instance, if a question has a maximum points possible of 4, then entering 2 points or 50 percent would be equivalent.

Question Not Answered by Respondent

Select this condition type if you wish to have it return true when the respondent has not answered the selected question.This condition will remain true until the respondent has answered the selected question with a valid response.

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